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by Sally
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End of year post


Festive greetings to all. I have been absent for some time with my blog posts on here which I must apologise for.

Lots of things have been going on in the background and one major thing has been going on, having a new house built and preparing to relocate further north, all rather stressful but coming to fruition as I start to pack up my belongings. So, in 2016 it’s a fresh start for Fabric Mountain with a new lifestyle and new ideas to put into action.

I wish all my readers a happy and peaceful festive season and see you next year.

by Sally
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Crochet flowers and Floral Friday

Summer is whizzing by and sadly there’s been little time what with one thing and another to keep a regular flow of blog posts. However here’s a quick follow up to the charity event featuring my crochet flowers.

I attended the event Let Hope Bloom which was to raise awareness of Floral Friday which Linda Barker had organised which is all about raising money for World Vision to assist the children of Cambodia. All the volunteers ran craft workshops along a floral theme and we met some lovely people joining in and having a go at crafty things. Linda herself came to my stand and had a go making a flower.

We had a perfect sunny summers day and we raised a good amount of money for the charity.

Here are some photos from the day and samples of new crochet flower work which I took along to inspire our visitors.

IMG_20150627_093615 IMG_20150626_083252 IMG_20150627_155845 IMG_20150626_081552 IMG_20150626_084333 IMG_20150626_180232 IMG_20150626_143950

by Sally
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All about flowers

I’ve been so busy this month with ‘real graphic design’ work that all things fabric and textiles have ground to a halt but as it is the last day of May I should give a hint of what I’m working on.

Early in the month I rustled up a crochet flower garland necklace as a commission and that in turn has lead to me being approached to offer some voluntary skills on crochet flowers.

IMG_20150520_104153 IMG_20150520_104127

Towards the end of June (27th) I will be helping at a crafty day event to raise funds for World Vision as part of their Floral Friday on July 10th. The day will consist of floral themed workshops were people can join in for a small donation to the charity. It is being held at Ellerton village hall near York and I’ll be demonstrating a simple crochet flower. Should be good fun and hopefully raise lots of money.



I recently started some scribbles for a new fabric design, this is going to be a fabric celebrating folk art painting or at least it will be when I find some time to carry on with it!


Lets hope June is a lovely sunny month for making and creating!