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Crochet flowers and Floral Friday

Summer is whizzing by and sadly there’s been little time what with one thing and another to keep a regular flow of blog posts. However here’s a quick follow up to the charity event featuring my crochet flowers.

I attended the event Let Hope Bloom which was to raise awareness of Floral Friday which Linda Barker had organised which is all about raising money for World Vision to assist the children of Cambodia. All the volunteers ran craft workshops along a floral theme and we met some lovely people joining in and having a go at crafty things. Linda herself came to my stand and had a go making a flower.

We had a perfect sunny summers day and we raised a good amount of money for the charity.

Here are some photos from the day and samples of new crochet flower work which I took along to inspire our visitors.

IMG_20150627_093615 IMG_20150626_083252 IMG_20150627_155845 IMG_20150626_081552 IMG_20150626_084333 IMG_20150626_180232 IMG_20150626_143950

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