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End of textile course exam work

My textile course neared the end in mid 2010 and exams followed months of experimenting with samples.

I chose to create a series of accessories which were a brooch, a neckpiece / collar and a wrist cuff.

This is some of the preparation work, woven strips of fabric.

weav2  weav3  weav5

I worked on the woven strips further and then produced some felted and embellished work as seen below.


Both these pieces eventually came together to form a wrist cuff and you can see the result here.

wrist1  wrist2

Other exam work included a fabric design featuring my pods and seed heads printed onto cotton and worked up into a purse.

fab2 pursepanelfrt pfrt pback

I created the neckpiece using crochet as a technique and my brooch was a 3D poppy pod felted creation. The theme in all this was Rhythms and Cycles in Nature.necp2   exam2

I’m happy to say that I passed my exams.



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