Fabric Mountain

Always inspirational, often recycled and lovingly created

Hello world! – here’s how it started, Fabric Mountain…. not the world!


Back in 2009 circumstances within my graphic design world were leading to a lack of enthusiasm and excitement anymore. I needed a new challenge, I wasn’t particularly doing what I enjoyed or enjoying what I was doing.

What did I enjoy, the answer to me was simple, ever since I can remember I have found the simple pleasures of making and creating in various mediums a complete tonic for the mind, body and soul.

At this very point in time I heard about a new textile course about to kick off at a college nearby. Lets give it a go I thought, only a year if it doesn’t work out. That as they say was the starting point and this is my little black book of ideas along that journey.

We will delve into my sketchbooks further and see how some of my early ideas have turned into commercial designs in the years since the textile course.

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