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My work featured in Mollie Makes 42

It seems like a good day to reveal my latest bit of excitement. Hot off the press today is Mollie Makes issue 42 and over the past few months I have been working on a craft tutorial to create a vintage caravan cushion. Ta dah!


The idea developed from my vintage caravan fabric, I wanted to turn one of the illustrations into something a bit more real and touchy, feely. I had great fun making the caravans and going to town with embellishments but my oh my how long it takes to write up an understandable tutorial in a certain amount of words and pictures!

It can get quite stressful going over and over your instructions to make sure they are simple to follow.

c5 c6 c7

And then there are the templates to prepare neatly.


Once it’s all done and the sample cushions have been made, I had to shoot some lifestyle photos. Not the easiest thing to do with the unpredictable English weather but once the sun was out, I was off to the seaside with my caravans!

The pictures were shot at Scarborough and Bridlington.

z2 z3 z4 c3 c6 z1 c5

A couple of the caravans featured here are on sale in my Folksy shop.

Lastly, I just found these pictures of the very first prototypes I made when I started the project back in February.

pr1 pr2 pr3

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