Handmade 100% cotton produce bag, Memphis design


Be part of the anti-plastic revolution and use these eco alternatives to bags and protect your produce.

This bag measures approx. 31cm in length x 28cm wide. Handmade in the Fabric Mountain studio in the Yorkshire Wolds. The front of the bag is my own design fabric which I have printed on 100% cotton with eco inks in the UK, it is a funky 80’s inspired Memphis style design. The reverse of the bags are mixtures of other cotton fabrics, this one a retro splatter & squiggle design and a drawstring cord allows easy opening and closing of the bag.

These are a great alternative if you are wanting to avoid plastic bags.

These bags should last for years but at the end of their life, just remove the drawstring and the rest can be cut up and placed in your compost bin where it will biodegrade.

CARE: Wash your bag in warm water and mild detergent and leave to dry.


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