Sour Dough proving cover, large reversible fabric bowl cover


Be part of the anti-plastic revolution and use this groovy, handmade eco alternative to cling film for covering your bowls.

Handmade at the edge of the known world in the Fabric Mountain studio on the Isle of Skye this is a groovy sour dough proving cover I have designed for the front and a pretty bird and floral print for the reverse side. It’s really great for allowing your sough dough to sit happily breathing for hours whilst keeping dust out during the process.

The cover will comfortably stretch to approx. 26 – 28cm diameter bowls which will cover a 2-3 litre Pyrex style bowl. The cover can be washed for reusing.

A great christmas gift for anyone seeking to reduce plastic in the kitchen. Ideal for keeping leftovers fresh and covered in the fridge or use outside for barbecues and picnics to keep flies out of your salad bowl! They also look very unique for presenting food at a table.

Groovy Green Food Covers by Fabric Mountain.


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