Single Wee Scottish Worry Doll in a fabric pouch


Inspired by the legends of the Guatemalan Worry Dolls, these are my Wee Scots Folk Worry Dolls.

Worry Dolls take many forms in different countries but they are thought to help take away your stresses and worries. You whisper your worries to the doll just before bedtime and then you place the doll under your pillow. The doll is thought to take away your worries by the following morning.

The worry dolls I have handmade are special Scottish themed dolls, they are clothed in tartan or tweed. They measure approx. 11cm tall and will come in a little fabric pouch (the colour of the tartan fabric pouch may vary from the photo). This lovely raven haired doll wears a pretty pink tartan.

Handmade in the Fabric Mountain studio on the Isle of Skye.


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